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Preach from your iPad or Android tablet

The best app for preaching is here.
Proclaim’s new remote app makes presenting from your tablet simple and compelling. With Proclaim, you can post your sermon notes alongside your presentation slides—for your eyes only. Rather than divide your attention between notes and slides, visuals and concepts, you’ll put everything you have into delivering a convicting message.

You can get the app for free in the iTunes App store, the Google Play Store, and the Amazon App Store.

To prepare your notes, just download Proclaim and make a presentation. Once the presentation is ready, go On Air, and then open your tablet’s remote app and choose to control the presentation. Your tech volunteer can still run the presentation from his or her computer, but now you have total control, too—you can jump from one Bible verse to the next, preaching from your carefully-thought-out personal notes.

Get the free Proclaim remote today. Bring your notes and your presentation together on your iPad or Android tablet.

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