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  1. Beau Coffman says:

    Fight the good fight!

  2. JM Vergara says:

    The Defilement & Judgment of the Proud – On what false worship and true worship is.

  3. Jaron Stanage says:

    Mark 1: 14-20.

  4. Artur Wiebe says:

    God's Apple-Miracel

  5. Dan Roeber says:

    Scandalous: the controversal sayings of Jesus in the book of Matthew.

  6. Denise Powell says:

    Get beyond the tag

  7. Andrew Williams says:

    Feeding of the five thousand. We are going through the Gospel of Mark.

  8. Ben Miller says:

    "By Faith," a study of the heroes of Hebrews 11.

  9. Ben Thorp says:

    We're doing a series on Joseph, last week being Genesis 42 with the brothers coming to Egypt, and looking at forgiveness and grace.

  10. We're going through a 9-month journey called "The Story". It's a curriculum by Zondervan.

  11. Fleur Carpenter says:

    The woaman at the well.

  12. How wives make their husbands better and women make the church better.

  13. This past Sunday we discussed attitude. The sermon was based on Philippians 2.

  14. Bruce Ray says:

    We just finished a 4 part series on the book of James and sanctification.

  15. I just had the honor of preaching about "being an Ananias or a Paul" at my home church. But at the church where I normally preach, we've been discussing the book of Jude.

  16. Denn Guptill says:

    We have been looking at "What Jesus Said about our Behaviour".

  17. Sebi Solomon says:

    the robe of Christ.

  18. Joe Ginder says:


  19. Josh Wenthold says:

    the doctrine of hell…

  20. Jason Bedell says:

    A series called My Mixtape Life

  21. Jim Cook says:

    We're doing a series based on the study "Basic".

  22. Wes Dean says:

    The pastor is preaching a Fruit of the Spirit series out of Galatians. Last week he talked about the vine branch analogy and how all of our 'fruit' comes from Christ and not our own efforts.

  23. Stefan Gilbert says:

    The Born Series. (taken from the Bourne Series of Movies) Last week we talked about The Born Identity, how we are all fallen. This week is The Born Supremacy which is all about Jesus!

    • Johan Borg says:

      Interesting! Tell me more! How do you interpret those movies theologically?

    • Stefan Gilbert says:

      Really there is no connection to the movie other than borrowing the titles and using the movie covers to inspire the sermon background. Week 1 The Born Identity is about our fallen state through Adam, 2 The Born Supremacy is about how Jesus did not inherit this fallen state yet chose to die for us anyhow, 3 The born Ultimatum we are talking about full life surrender and how that changes our lives. 4 The Born Legacy what are we leaving behind either for our kids or others taking over our ministries. THe people who attend the church now don't watch too many movies so they would be lost if I tried to make a theological point out of a movie, but for new people coming in I think they will be more interested in listening because they are familiar with it.

  24. Pip Whitney says:

    Teaching the next generation through mentorships.

  25. Jason Patrick Goble says:

    Our pastor just did an excellent sermon on marriage – it was a perfect balance of God's grace and the high calling that marriage is all about.

  26. 1 Cor 15 – the importance of the resurrection – without it our hope is in vain.

  27. Stephen Buck says:

    Live Generous.

  28. Paul Willey says:

    Just started a series on "Church – Are We Getting It Right?"

  29. Greg Mills says:


  30. Jim Kirkland says:

    This past Sunday our guest preacher preached the parable of the prodigal son. The focus was on the other brother who would not join the celebration. Talked about how we are just like him when we fail to worship

  31. Jeremy Oliver says:

    No Regrets – it was the introduction to series on 2 Timothy.

  32. Kenny Kirby says:

    This past Sunday our sermon was from Matthew 26 on the Lord's Supper. It was a communion remembrance at our church service so it went great with our whole morning.

  33. Living life together as a community.

  34. What happens after the sifting? Luke 22:31

  35. Our pastor is preaching through the book of Daniel. Last week covered Daniel 5 (The Danger of Presumption).

  36. Our pastor is preaching through the book of Daniel. Last week covered Daniel 5 (The Danger of Presumption).

  37. Jon Youngblood says:

    We are currently in an extensive study of the book of Matthew. This past Sunday we focused on the life of John as a disciple of Christ and how his life changed over the course of his ministry as evident in his many writings.

  38. Last Sunday we talked about Divorce.

  39. Mary Ellen Barnes says:

    We are doing a series on "Why We Sing Hymns" and "Why We Sing New Songs" which has proven to be extremely interesting.

  40. Stephen J. Padilla says:

    Our topic was about having a right view of God's attributes, especially with a view that God is big enough, smart enough, and kind enough to deal with the world.

  41. Anonymous says:

    We are doing a series on Acts. This Sunday was Acts 19 and the riot in the temple of Artemis. Despite what the idolators said, only God is great.

  42. Joel Gilbert says:

    This past weekend, our pastor, who is in the midst of preaching through the book of Matthew, preached on divorce. He introduced the topic of marriage a few weeks ago with the purpose of marriage and then will conclude next week (the 21st) answering people's questions about divorce.

  43. William Jacques says:

    My pastor is finishing up a sermon on Hebrews 12 and what the Christian life looks like.

  44. Matt Mull says:

    Psalm 119

  45. This past Sunday morning we continued our series through Matthew's Gospel in 21:1-11 "The Triumphal Entry" – Jesus is the Lord of all. On Sunday night we took a flyover of the book of Ephesians: "Who we are in Christ changes how we now live as one in the Body of Christ."

  46. Brad Reid says:

    The most recent sermon topic at my church was at my ordination service. My friend preached on 2 Timothy 4:9-22.

  47. Jimmy Horn says:

    I actually got to preach, which was cool. We explored the fact that every sermon has 3 things in common: God reveals Himself to us – thru scripture by revealing things about Himself (character & attributes); all of scripture points to Christ; all of scripture demands a response – either by the non believer to repent and be baptized (that is, not that it's necessary for salvation, but a picture of continuing to obey christ) or to the believer – respond with putting into action what He commands of you (also, this will always line up with scripture).

  48. Doug Pettit says:

    We had a guest speaker who spoke on Trouble from Psalm 3.

  49. Grace Chang says:

    This past Sunday our pastor talked about equipping by discipling; as believers choose to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus, they become devoted followers of Christ. And he uses examples of Jesus and his disciples as they "come and see Jesus," "come and follow Jesus," and "come and be with Jesus."

  50. Tyler Larson says:

    I heard an excellent message on Wisdom. It contrasted the wise, the fool, and those who are evil.

  51. Paul Kearney says:

    Bob Lonac, president of Crista Ministries, was our guest this past Sunday. He spoke on how to share the word of God and be a missionary, whether it is internationally or in our own neighborhood.

  52. Will Laohoo says:

    This past Sunday, the lead pastor talked about Nicodemus and how as impressive as he thought his background was, it wasn't enough to get him in with God. He related it to how we sometimes think our achievements and accolades get us closer to God, but they don't.

  53. Ray Matteson says:

    Acts 15 Keeping things simple for people to come to Christ.

  54. Tracey Conner says:


  55. Our latest sermon was on listening to what the Spirit is saying to the church, and that God's perspective on the church and ours aren't always the same. We look and it may not be clear what God is doing or not doing.

  56. Lou Bolanis says:

    Spiritual maturity and endurance.

  57. Kevin Doseck says:

    Have been looking at what Church is. taking text from Acts 2:40-47.

  58. Sam Beard says:

    The Glory of God revealed and carried out in Mission.

  59. Asking God for the things in your life (Matt. 7:7-12)

  60. Kel Vaughan says:

    Preaching through the Seven churches from Revelation. Visited Pergamum last week.

  61. Casey Scott says:

    This past Sunday's message was from a sermon series on the Sermon on the Mount called "Against the Grain." We tackled Jesus' hard words about adultery, divorce, and oaths in a messaged called, "Against the Grain of Trampled Vows."

  62. Eric Judd says:

    Our most recent sermon was the Gospel as part of our outreach Sunday.

  63. Ken Richter says:

    National Pulpit Freedom Sunday.

  64. Jeff Miles says:

    The Word of God.

  65. This last Sunday I preached on facing the enemy in Canaan. Knowing the enemy's tactics and how to avoid them.

  66. Elliot John Voris says:

    Our preacher walked us through Philippians 4; highlighting how Jesus brings Joy, even when your heart is anxious.

  67. Greg Ellis says:

    At Bethany Covenant Church, we are using The Story – and our last sermon was on chapter 4 – Deliverance. I thought it was a powerful connection point between our celebration of communion and the Exodus event.

  68. We're at the very beginning of "The Story" journey by Zondervan. We are learning more about how our individual stories fit into God's overall plan for the world.

  69. Harold Macdougall says:

    Thankgiving sermon

  70. Jeff Morris says:

    We are studying the Gospel of John on Sunday mornings and Philippians on Sunday nights.

  71. Gabe Steele says:

    Our sermon from Sunday was about in order to love others we need to see people through Jesus' eyes, love in the manner which Jesus loved, and stay focused on Jesus calling on our lives.

  72. Susan Reno says:


  73. Rob Harrison says:

    I'm preaching through Romans right now; this past Sunday was 12:9-21, 13:8-10, on love.

  74. Mark Litzinger says:

    2 Timothy 4: 9-16.

  75. Richard C Seim says:

    14 Week Sermon/Small Group series: Learning to Follow Jesus, Living and the Family of God, and Engaging the World as Disciple-makers.

  76. Ted Jones says:

    The Fruit of the spirit – focus on patience and kindness.

  77. Milcah Syner says:

    We were in the book of Acts for our Sunday morning service. Sunday evening was on praise if I recall correctly.

  78. The most recent sermon topic was thinking big and pursuing bigger ideas we may be afraid to act upon.

  79. How To Read The Bible.

  80. We just got back from church retreat where we studied Koinonia and what biblical fellowship looks like.

  81. James Jeffery says:

    From Futility to Faith!

  82. Shawn Robert Harvey says:

    Communion at the table.

  83. Five steps to develop Godly character

  84. Daniel Ahn says:

    this past sunday, the sermon was about how there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus because He has fulfilled the law and imputes His righteousness onto us!

  85. Nick Dimmick says:

    Two part series on Luke 8:40-58. First week on the healing of the bleeding woman, followed by the healing of Jairus' daughter.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Heaven: A prepared place for prepared people.

  87. Steve Pierce says:

    "What happens when we love?"

  88. John Joy says:

    In our sermon series on 1 Peter, the Preacher spoke about our identity as Christians from 1 Peter ch 2:1-10.

  89. David Peters says:

    Our pastor is in a series on Life's 7 most important questions – this last Sunday was "How can I know God is good with all the suffering in the world?" It is a great series and God is using my pastor in a mighty way!

  90. Discipline in the church from 1 Cor. 5

  91. Ben Bronson says:

    Last Sunday was a message on Nehemiah's prayerful planning. He prayed and planned, trusting that God would fulfill his promises.

  92. Johan Borg says:

    About becoming angels of God in our world around us. Angels is, but aren't limited to supernatural beings. We can also be angels for our neighbour.

  93. Daniel Saunders says:


  94. Alex Avila says:

    It was about the six clay pots of water in Jesus's first miracle.

  95. Paul Taylor says:

    Our Community (Part 2) – The text was Philippians 2:1-11.
    Focus was on humility and serving one another by following Jesus' example.

  96. Bob Almond says:

    I preached on the relationship between David and Jonathan, and the importance of understanding intimacy.

  97. A pastor has been preaching through the book of 1 Corinthians. He was in chapter 12 talking about how spiritual gifts are really given.

  98. Greg Simmons says:

    It was about Nehemiah facing opposition as he attempted to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem.

  99. Jon Hembree says:

    Right now, we're going through Zondervan's "The Story". We're currently in the midst of a few weeks on the life of Jesus.

  100. Welcome to Victory, it is a sermon series about what our church believes and how and why we do things the way we do.

  101. Reagan Marsh says:

    I'm preaching expository sermons through the Sermon on the Mount (Sunday AM) and the book of Joshua (Sunday PM). Last Sunday AM was the final introductory sermon (overview/historical background) to the SOM, and in the PM service we dealt with the holiness and goodness of God as it relates to the command to destroy all of Jericho's inhabitants.

  102. Robbie Phillips says:

    Don't study the Bible as an end in and of itself, but as a means to obey/become more like Christ.

  103. James Choi says:


  104. John Dobbs says:

    From Daniel 5 – Daniel's revealing the handwriting on the wall's meaning.

  105. Steve Daley says:

    "Rejoice in Proclaiming Jesus in the worst of times and the best of times."

  106. Jonah & the Whale.

  107. Jason Blair says:

    This past Sunday, I preached on "Impossible Hope" from Mark 10:17-31.

  108. Jerry Wilson says:

    The most recent sermon topic at my church was removing our masks and being vulnerable before God.

  109. The parable of the sower (Lk 8:1-18).

  110. I spoke about how we are now in the last days of the last days… I quoted from Matthew, Daniel and Revelation as well as current events as proof of concept.

  111. Brad J. Burns says:

    Most recent sermon was on Ecclesiastes 7:1-14: Increasing wisdom comes only with an increasing reverence for God.

  112. Peter Schott says:

    1 John 2:10 – Much Love – in this case, how to live out Christian Love.

  113. Stephen Khu says:

    Last week's sermon topic was based on the years greatest commandment: to love God and to love your neighbour.

  114. be good to others.

  115. Anand Claudius Peter says:

    The topic at my church last Sunday was on the tabernacle and how the OT foreshadows Christ, and how the tearing of the veil of the temple when Jesus died signifies that He has fulfilled the law and set us free!

  116. The sermon dealt with Ephesians 1: we have all the blessings we need through Christ, by God's adopting us we have a new birth certificate with His last name, we have a great inheritance, and we are sealed with the Holy Spirit so we no longer have to roll around in the mud.

  117. The sermon dealt with Ephesians 1: we have all the blessings we need through Christ, by God's adopting us we have a new birth certificate with His last name, we have a great inheritance, and we are sealed with the Holy Spirit so we no longer have to roll around in the mud.

  118. Listening to God

  119. Cody Tilger says:

    We are going through the Sermon on the Mount out of Matthew. Matthew 5:27-32 was the last sermon.

  120. Amber Moore says:

    This Past Sunday our pastor talked about "It's a Miracle!" Looking at the story where Jesus casts out a demon.

  121. Greg Forquer says:

    We have been walking through the book of Exodus for the past few months.

  122. sermon about obedience.

  123. Krishna Gopal says:


  124. Marc Buwalda says:

    The Journey of Abram.

  125. Dios elige a sus obreros.

  126. Jon Whitehouse says:

    Our recent sermon was "One Nation Under". Based on 2 Chronicles 7:14.

  127. Jason Prater says:

    Pastor J.D. at the Summit, preached on the susubject of being all in for Jesus…. scanned through the Bible. It's a 6 week session. Awesome!

  128. I want the LORD to be able to say "Welcome, my true and faithful servant, enter herein unto your rest". I can hardly wait for that day. Can anyone say amen?

    • Linda Harris says:

      I can say amen, but Greg, selfishly I pray it is a long time from now, my friend! :) I hope you are soon not in so much pain!!!

  129. Go where you're sent, stay where you're put, and give all you got!

  130. What was the most recent sermon topic at your church?
    God's Purpose for His Church 1 Pe. 2:9-12

  131. Ron Prosise says:

    Principles of Prayer, 1 Thessalonians 3:11-13.

  132. Kara Gormong says:

    Servant Leadership from Phil. 2

  133. John Weddington says:

    Most recently our sermon was on conflict in the family of faith. It was a good reminder and a good challenge to fight well as brothers and sisters in Christ. Fight for the building up of one another, not to tear down. Be face to face, not back to back.

  134. The gospel changes the way we see people.

  135. Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel!

  136. Eric Lan says:

    Introduction to john 1:1.

  137. Luke 14:12-24, Principles of Kingdom Piety.

  138. Megan Kliewer says:

    Jesus responding to stupid questions in Mark

  139. Daniel King says:

    The most recent sermon topic at my church was about worship as our proper response to God during the jr high your group. Before that was a sermon on the wall building in Nehemiah called civil engineering.

  140. The importance of our communion.

  141. Brandon Lehr says:

    We are studying through Romans.

  142. I have been using pdf manuscript in the pulpit. Very handy.

  143. Sunday morning my pastor preached on Philippians 4:6-7 and prayer, explaining what all "prayers and petitions, with thanksgiving," entails.

  144. Anonymous says:

    The difficult doctrine of the love of God.

  145. Most recent church topic: Radical series through the book of Acts.

  146. Win Hawkins says:

    The Good Samaritan, putting ourselves in the position of the guy who was attacked – we must be able to ask for, and accept help as well as being good Samaritans ourselves.

  147. Kathy Miller says:

    Our series on small groups and community outreach: "You can't "give it" if you don't "get it"
    I am enjoying this because I am in the midst of an in depth study of apologetics, and I didn't "get it" for so long. I have so many friends with different worldviews and discussing God or the Bible with them was so intimidating because they seemed more educated than I about the subject.
    So I'm excited to be more grounded in my biblical worldview now.

  148. Todd Morris says:

    Awesome series about how there are too many shades of gray!

  149. Timothy Hsu says:

    Hebrews 12:14-17 about pursuing peace and holiness, avoiding bitterness.

  150. Lin Cazares says:

    We had a guest preacher for the youth revival and guest youth dancing and singing. It was all about the youth!

  151. Gregg Erickson says:

    Ephesians chapter 1 – the "election that truly matters" – great stuff. God is awesome and so gracious.

  152. A godly approach to the election, meaning approaching it from the perspective or Biblical righteousness instead of political party.

  153. Scott Jensen says:

    Introduction to the Book of Hebrews which is our current series for the next few weeks.

  154. Kurt Andree says:

    This past Sunday it was on dating and marriage!

  155. Andrew Ruppe says:

    I don't remember, I have brain damage.

  156. Andrew Stacy says:

    This past Sunday we talked about the Flesh vs the Spirit.

  157. This sunday our pastor preached about the story of the religious leaders of Jesus' time and the condemnation of the woman caught in adultery. John 8:1-11. Whether people believe to be righteous or sinful, both need a Saviour.

  158. Anonymous says:

    the unfathomable love of Christ.

  159. Elissa Candelier says:

    Why we do believers baptism, and not infant baptism.

  160. Landon Joe says:

    How to be a disciple of Jesus.

  161. Sanoy Jacob says:

    This sunday there was a preaching about giving our life to god. In every way not only tithes god demands everything that we have because everything that we enjoy is his.

  162. This past Sunday we talked about the parable of the persistent widow. The focus was on praying persistently.

  163. Andrew Lukianiuk says:

    The cycle of life. Through Psalm 23.

  164. Ted Jones says:

    So who won the tablet?

  165. Darren Mozo says:

    since dis week is about our dead families. they just talked about how one must care even for the dead. and don't waste time until its too late to love our remaining family.

  166. Nic O'Brian says:

    Our Pastor preached on the topic "Don't lose it" it was a dynamic message, and God moved in a mighty way. You can watch it online at

  167. Ritchin E Sen says:

    The speaker spoke about how we are to stand for our Lord, Jesus Christ, wherever we are, even if it means loosing your life. The sermon topic was "Voice of the Martyrs".

  168. Arjun Rudra says:


  169. Douglas Kofi Adu-Boahen says:

    Counting the Cost – Luke 9:51-62.

  170. It's time to OCCUPY until Jesus comes!

  171. Jessica Hernandez Cabanas says:

    Psalm 23 v. 3, It has been very encouraging to hear this series on psalm 23. the focus this past sunday was on making wise decisions when you allow God to be your shepherd,

  172. Doing a series right now called "thankFULLness"!

  173. Jerry Kasper says:

    This past Sunday, we learned about how our attitude about the church isn't what counts, it's what Jesus thinks about his church that matters.

  174. Lars Passic says:

    Jesus loves his church. And even though the bride can be a dirty mess, that makes Jesus' redemptive role all the more amazing.

    • Gregg Zimmerman says:

      Haha, even though Proclaim crashed multiple times today (including just a couple of minutes before church started), I still like this software!

  175. Charlton Young says:

    Becoming a Disciple.

  176. Elaine Margeson says:

    Blessed are the Pure in Heart, Part 2. Mark 7:14-23

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