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Write with Paul Baloche and record at Integrity Music

Write with Paul Baloche and record at Integrity Music

Enter below to win a songwriting session with Paul Baloche and a demo recording of one of your original songs at the Integrity Music studio in Colorado Springs, CO. Travel and accommodations will be provided from within the continental United States. Over the years, Paul has brought us top worship songs like “Open The Eyes Of My Heart”, “Hosanna”, “Our God Saves”, and “The Same Love”. Proclaim has partnered with Paul, his worship training company, and Integrity Music to bring you one of the greatest giveaways of 2013.

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  1. Chris Judd says:

    Future glorification. I think now is a great time for the Church to be leaning in to the promise of heaven.

  2. Charlie Llambes says:

    The Glory of the Cross.

  3. The Gospel

  4. Margaret Cook says:

    The hope of Christ.

  5. A song about asking God to move his people to minister to those around them. To reach out to the lost.

  6. George Kamel says:


  7. Josiah Harpster says:

    I have never planned what I was going to write about, so I honestly don't know. When Gods spirit hits me, I sit down and write the words that he is speaking to me. He is such an incredible God, I want him to write through me.

  8. Music is all for our Lord and Savior. God has given us music as a way of communication – with Him in worship, and to share the truth of the gospel with the body of Christ. To write a song with Paul Baloche would be to serve and glorify our Lord, with however He would use our song.

  9. Breaking down the walls that keep us from giving all that we have to Christ.

  10. Gracie Anne says:

    I've already written songs so I might just show some to him and see what he thinks. If I were to actually write another one with him though, I would write about loving people with Christ's love and having empathy toward them. Possibly. haha. Or whatever God puts on my heart at the time.

  11. Justin Love says:

    Praise God! I have been writing since I was eleven, and God continues to pour out songs through me. This is one amazing opportunity!

  12. Justin Love says:

    I would write a song with Paul Baloche about the magnificent wondrous Creator! Bringing out the scriptures for the world to not only hear a great message, but also the fact they are hearing The Great Message! The message of Christ!

  13. getting past our fears to do the Lord's work is what I would like to write about.

  14. Cory Thomure says:

    It's hard to say what kind of song I would write with Paul. I have several song ideas and it would be a blast to co-write with him.

  15. James Sheets says:

    I would love to collaborate with Paul on a song touching on the Bridal paradigm, and our destiny as Jesus' eternal, equally-yoked companion.

  16. Kyle Wisdom says:

    I am blessed by Paul's ministry and the clear fact that he is deeply in love with God and his family. I think something along those lines would be cool.

  17. Johnny Guest says:

    I imagine that we would share our stories together, what is going on in our lives, and let the ideas flow from there

  18. I would write a song with Paul about the Cross. A modern Hymn singing the Gospel truths.

  19. Lily Odesola says:

    I would write a song with Paul Baloche about God's secret place

  20. Stacy Covell Bishop says:

    About not being complacent in our faith.

  21. Dave Rowan says:

    Going out and being the church. Doing justice and listening for God's leading. Isa. 61 for the most part.

  22. Kristie Thompson says:

    Would be honored just to be able to sing next to him…

  23. Jason Rose says:

    I would write a song with Paul about moving forward with Christ as an individual, church, and nation in His good will.

  24. Tim Aaron Shin says:

    This'll be a great opportunity for anyone! I'm glad that this is out there. I've been song writing and worship leading for 9 years. Hopefully I get a chance like this!

  25. I would write with Paul Baloche about our call to be ambassadors for the gospel.

  26. I would write a song inspired by the Psalms…that is the place I go for inspiration and worship!

  27. Wisdom Moon says:

    I would love to write a worship song with Paul!

  28. Christopher Rixon says:

    Once in a lifetime?! More like……..well ya, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  29. Would probably write about God as our anchor.

  30. Chet Fuger says:

    I don't know what the subject would be, but I like Paul's writing style with worship music and he has definitely influenced my writing so whatever direction God was leading us in it would be an awesome experience.

  31. Joel Paul says:

    I'd write about being strong and courageous.

  32. Rebecca Thomas says:

    I would write a song about The grace god gives when we least deserve it.

  33. Jason Bonner says:

    Tough to say. I suppose it would have to depend on what the Lord had been laying on my or his heart. But most of the songs I write are taken directly from or based off scripture. But something that definitely proclaims the love and redemptive power of God.

  34. Jeff Greunke says:

    Sing your prayers…

  35. Hmm..If I had the chance to write with Paul Baloche, I'd write a song about how Texas will rise again. It would be something really spiritual like that, probably. And then I might get fancy and play open B shapes, because lately the Spirit has been really working through songs in the key of B. It would be killer.

  36. I would want to write a scripture song of worship. I've been writing since college, and I lead worship – but have struggled when it comes to writing praise and worship songs – so I would treasure an opportunity to learn from Paul Baloche.

  37. Charlot N'Bu-Eke says:

    That God loves his church (Song of Salomon 4). It seems so easy lately to point out sin and convict and try to change our hearts and attitude, that the true believer is burdened by guilt and the idea of not doing enough or fitting in. It would be great to remind us that what makes us beautiful and pure and blameless is the work of Christ and that work cannot be marred by the things we do. In God's sight we are truly beautiful and his heart beats faster every time we look towards heavens and pray or praise Him. I've already started the song, just need help polishing it.

  38. Patty Geary Jones says:

    If I had the opportunity, I'd write a song with Paul perhaps using Revelation 12:11 "They over came the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony." Powerful!

  39. Amy Layne Litzelman says:

    I would start by praying together and let the Spirit bring out what He had put in both Paul and me for that time. I could never come up with something on my own as perfect as He would do through us!

  40. The *Awesomeness* of our God. : ) Song can be fast or slow. Incorporating the Word of God, describing the many characteristics of our God which automatically gives others hope in Jesus believeing that all things really are possible with our God!!!

  41. I would probably write a song with Paul about God's unending love.

  42. Michael Strand says:

    I would love to write a song of thanksgiving with Paul.

  43. Darlene Michelle Uplinger says:

    I would write about how amazing God is, how infinitely amazing his love is and how he has blessed me and my life and how I continue to learn and get to know him more and more each day! I would write about how the little things that seem insignificant can mean soo much and no matter how small we feel or what we are dealing with we serve a God that is bigger and greater than any problem we're facing! A song of Hope for those struggling with issues of their past and people dealing with things that seem like mountains. A song about Love!

  44. Eric Myers says:

    Would love to write a great love song about Jesus!

  45. I have a few in the works that I would love to see come to completion. One is about Psalm 119:105. The other is a rendition of the hymn, 'nothing but the blood.'

  46. Eric Myers says:

    Anyone guys interested in writing some great songs about Jesus now feel free to message me on FB. I'm looking for some co-writers.

  47. Tony Warren says:

    I am open to writing with Paul Baloche on any subject as the Spirit leads. The Scripture certainly provides inexhaustible examples of praise, so I won't limit what could happen in such a collaboration. May the Lord do as He wills with this possibility, and may He bless whoever gets this opportunity!

  48. Bill Henry says:

    I would like to write a song with Paul Baloche about living for the Lord as a living sacrifice…

  49. Karen Dahlen says:

    I would go prepared, of course with some ideas; but I would write based on the Lord's leading and guidance.

  50. Victor Fouch says:

    I would like pray and make the conversation into lyrics.

  51. Thank you For this opportunity to release the sound from heaven!!

  52. Michaiah Henry says:

    If I won the Chance to write a song with Paul Baloche, I would like to write a song about how, even in our darkest trials, and deepest losses, God is still sovereign, and still loves us, and He will be the strength we need to get through it…

  53. Anonymous says:

    Not desiring to cause envy in anyone, but this would be a really neat experience.

  54. Joanna Garrett Conner says:

    I would write about the fact that we really wouldn't want a God we could fully comprehend.

  55. Cole Brown says:

    No way to know what to write with a co-writer until you sit down to meet the co-writer.

  56. I was priviledged to sing with Paul when he was here in Michigan @Woodside Bible Church of Troy with Integrity Music for a worship leaders conference. I enjoyed learing from Carl and Leann Albrecht as well. I would love to write with anyone of these Christ followers. Love you guys for more encouragement than you'll ever know this side of Heaven.

  57. Rita McVey says:

    I would probably write about the new Jerusalem and all of the promises that God gave us about it. That death is not the end for those that love and follow Jesus.

  58. If I could write a song with Paul Baloche, I would write a song celebrating the joy of being in the presence of God's glory, and inviting others into it!

  59. Tim Bariteau says:

    If I could write a song with Paul Baloche…well, with the understanding that the Holy Spirit may lead us in a different direction…right now I think I would like to write an Easter/Christmas song that has a perspective of both the Manger & the Cross and can be sung at both special times during the year.

  60. Alan Harris says:

    God's pursuit of a friendship with man.

  61. Christopher Brown says:

    Would love to write a song with Paul about forgiveness and the peace of God.

  62. Will Fix says:

    Wow, how cool to win this, I plan to win!

  63. Jacob Herald says:

    I would write a song about his love for us, and us living out loud our lives for Him!

  64. Chris Wann says:

    Today, if given the opportunity, I'd love to write a song w/ Paul Baloche about giving our lives away for others like Christ gave His life away for us. What a privilege to receive songs from the Lord and get to write w/ others anytime.

  65. Elissa Candelier says:

    I would definitely want to write something about being a wife/mother as a calling from the LORD.

  66. Landon Joe says:

    The Holliness of God.

  67. I would write a story song about the love and life someone discovers in Christ!

  68. Will Fix says:

    I hear the sound of an abundance of rain would be my song, in the song giving examples that people have that they didn't recognize as a sign of the rain coming, when it rains the barometric pressure increases condensing the already present moisture, it's heaven coming down

  69. Nothing can Separate Us from God's Love.

  70. Andy Huber says:

    About God's goodness in the time of trial.

  71. IlyaAnna Radchenko says:

    What a wonderful opportunity! God just started putting lyrics on my heart recently and I've started two songs but just can't seem to finish them. They both seem to have the same theme: surrendering my life, giving it to Christ, asking Him to lead me, restore me, make me new again.

  72. I will write about the true covenant.

  73. Chris Smith says:

    If I had a chance to write something with Paul, I would love to write something with the theme of hope, perseverance, promises of God in the midst of suffering.

  74. Jeff Flowers says:

    I would write something that balances the love of God with the impending judgment of God.

  75. Amanda Thomas Yarde says:

    What would I write about? Well, with the leading of the Holy Spirit I would either like to write and anthem of how God is unchanging but yet he can still be moved. I love anthems that build in dynamic to a full chorus that just repeats, focusing on who God is. I would also like to write a lament. I think that lamenting is virtually absent from our worship and it shouldn't be so. It is part of being human and we see it throughout the scripture as part of ancient worship.

  76. Priscilla Brito says:

    It's been really hitting on my heart to write a song about God's vision for our future and our lives. There is so much richness in the Bible that touches on this and I'd love to communicate that through song.

  77. What a blessing would be to right a song with Paul Baloche..i would love make it bilingual. Can't say what it would be about till then. Only because there is so much to write about:) this would be a dream come true!

  78. Ben Mulford says:

    I would write a song for my son that encourages him to not back down when life gets challenging and difficult.

  79. David Nelander says:

    Thank you Proclaim for this opportunity. Right now I´m very into writing about entering His Kingdom and very much about the intimacy with God! So that's what I probably would write about with Paul! Blessings


  80. Giles Blankenship says:

    If I could write a song with Paul Baloche, then it would be a song about prayer or humility before the Lord. As with all songs written for the church I hope there would be something of "deep calling to deep."

  81. Earl Swigert says:

    I would write a song about not being ashamed of Jesus Christ. An Anthem for the church. I'd love to collaborate with Paul on this.

  82. Tyson Greza says:

    I would love to write a revival themed song, I think we need more of these in the Church as a whole, to inspire and point us to Christ!

  83. Travis Greene says:

    Would love to have a new communion song. Something that helps the modern hearer understand the nuanced meanings of the events at the last supper.

  84. Victor Fouch says:

    I would love write answers to prayers using scripture.

  85. Beau Black says:

    When I write, it's sometimes hard to tell what may come out. I'm inspired throughout the process and it evolves as the inspiration strikes me, but if I had to say what is on my heart the most and would be the foundation and starting point of a song, I would say: God.

    I feel that we have become far too self-centered in our worship and we worship more what God does for us than we worship God for being Who He Is. What he does for us is worthy of celebration, but it is not what makes him worthy of worship. It does not affect his worth in himself.

    "Heart of Worship" accomplished this in its own way, but repeating the same general message from a new angle could refresh the Spirit of worship and return us to what worship truly is: not a song, but a lifestyle.

  86. Tere Johnson says:

    I would write God's faithfulness and soveriegnty. He has proven both to me many times in my life! Glory to Him!

  87. I'd write a song to encourage the church to stay awake and alert, being busy about God's business of loving those around us, and not allowing ourselves to slumber when there's work to be done for the kingdom.

  88. Anonymous says:

    What would I write a song about with Mr. Baloche? I would want to write a song about the glory of God taking us out of the church. In other words, if God is worth our everything, than we should live in such a way. I think this would encourage people in my church greatly.

  89. Awesome opportunity… PTL!

  90. The topic or theme would depend on what I feel the church needs when that time comes.

  91. Thank you for such a great opportunity. I will write as I am led by the spirit.

  92. Calvin Estes says:

    To be honest, I have no idea what I would write about with such a great writer and artist like Paul Baloche. I have only been writing for about 2 years or so, and the songs I mainly write about come from low points in my life, or personal experiences. It also seems like during the school semesters, I am on writers block, which isn't much fun. But I know I am using it for God's glory.

    However, I have been wanting to write a song about the glory of God and just how awesome He is, or a praise and worship song.

    No matter what happens, I know that if I do get the opportunity to write a song with Paul, he will give me great advice and I will learn a lot from him.

    To God be the glory.

  93. Henry J Payden Jr says:

    I've got a CD just released where I co-wrote all the songs, but I would love to win this opportunity!

  94. Charles Homan says:

    God reigning… the Holy Spirit matchless mercies raining…

  95. Marti Skow says:

    My heart overflows with a pleasing theme, I lift my verses to the King, my tongue is like the pen of a ready scribe…I'd write what the Spirit leads. God always amazes me with the verses He gives me when He decides the time is right. Excited for this opportunity!

  96. I would write a song about the day to day struggles of the Christian life, and how we should take our eyes off ourselves and place them on God in order to make it through those struggles, so that he can perfect us until we get that ultimate reward. I believe we would all live quite differently if we were more eternity minded than temporally minded. Like Paul – we run the race with out eyes on the prize!

  97. Lyle Fried says:

    The freedom of forgiveness and the gift of the cross.

  98. Lori Elliott Elbert says:

    There are so few songs that work well with praise bands that fit with the lectionary and church year. I would write a song for Advent or Epiphany.

  99. God being there at all times good or bad.

  100. I am inspired by Christ in many ways: redemption, praise, forgiveness, worship, battling temptations and worldly ways, and more. Currently, I have been led more in how Christians need to be focused in Christ and not accept world images or temptations. It would be wonderful to collaborate. Thank you :)

  101. Natalia Flores says:

    I would write a song about being a light in the darkness of the world with the struggle of not being overtaken by the dark.

  102. Justin Hitchborn says:

    If I had the opportunity to write a tune with Paul Baloche, I'd write one about loving the most unlovable people in this world, and that they are not beyond redemption. What a challenge…

  103. Stephen Khu says:

    I'd write a song about God's heart for the lost.

  104. I know I probably wont win because I rap gospil hip hop but I reach more lost souls through my God giving gifts then u ever can imagine. You must hear my music with me you can't lose.

  105. David Masomo says:

    Une chanson avec Paul Baloche, j'aimerai bien en avoir l'opportunité, il a toujours était l'un de mes meilleurs chanteurs avec ses compositions originales….à suivre.

  106. I want to win… so all my peaple click on this link so real testimony

  107. Everyone I want to win so all my people click on this link so real testimony can be heard. Thanx

  108. Tony Moore says:

    I was going to enter until I read the official rules. The dates don't make sense and the delivery doesn't make sense. It looks as if someone didn't think it through. I'll pass. Thanks anyway.

  109. Ron Sieber says:

    I would write a song about whatever God leads us to write! I'm sure there is something we can both connect on to collaborate together. Seems silly for me to decide what to write about before it happens… :)

  110. Melissa Hustead says:

    what a dream come true this would be. I'm not in this for fortune or fame. I want to show the world The Jesus who is Love, & turn hearts to Him.

  111. Robb Paulson says:

    I would love to write a praise/worship song that reflects or embraces the liturgy of the church — something missing from most contemporary worship settings. As I have written dozens of songs in my life, I would welcome feedback — both theological and musical — from some as acclaimed as Paul Baloche.

  112. Tanyika James Watson says:

    Awesome opportunity!

  113. Leo Correia says:

    I would write a song about Gods Grace & Goodness :-)

  114. Mary Pallas says:

    Praise God! May His will be done.

  115. Max Moreno III says:

    I've always wanted to write a song, but have never been able to. I have written melodies but never could write an actual song. I would love to write a song about his love towards me.

  116. I actually have several song drafts written. A chance to show them to Mr. Baloche and have him help me edit and clean them up, and then get to record one, would be AWESOME!

  117. Samuel Shine Soans says:

    hoping to get a chance and learn from the psalmist

  118. Tiffany Lim says:

    If I got to write a song with Paul Baloche, I would write a song about God's faithfulness.

  119. Joey Fino says:

    I would write about a continued longing for The presence of Gos and just simply worship to our King who is more than diserving!

  120. I'd write about how God has given me More Than I Planned in this life. The good and the bad! Paul, you are such a genuine man of God. Thank you for your life's work, and the leadership you have shown to God's people.

  121. Brenda Appel Cornelio says:

    Would love to experience the creative process in writing with Paul!

  122. Diane Hokinson says:

    His Lordship, our surrender, His perfect will being done.

  123. I would want to write about how awesome God is and how a song could never express how great He is.

  124. Ojo Mathew says:

    I would like to write a song about prayer moments, when we behold God's beauty and experience His unending pleasures

  125. I would love to write with him a song/battle-cry against youth complacency here in the Philippines.

  126. I'm currently working on a song about the Holiness of God and how He is making us Holy as well. Based on scripture from Eph, Heb, and Isa. Would love the opportunity to collaborate with Paul.

  127. Joel Winters says:

    The resurrection.

  128. Marc Kennedy says:

    Life is hard, but God lifts us above the clouds to see the sun when we've forgotten that it shines

  129. Wes Bryant says:

    My passion and desire is to make sure that when we come to a worship service it is about Jesus. We are to lay everything at His feet and let Him mold us and change us to the person He wants us to be. So that we leave different then when we came in. I have written a song about this already and I would love to write more.

  130. David Song says:

    I would love to write an upbeat call to worship song with Paul.
    that hints at the biblical narrative / New Creation.

  131. Andrew Brown says:

    God being powerful enough to handle our questions.

  132. Cara Pederson says:

    I'd write a song about God's faithfulness. My husband walked away from the Lord 5.5 years ago and this Sunday he told me he has reconciled his faith in God and is a believer again! I have a lot to write about and praise God for.

  133. Emery Smith says:

    to write about the song we are given at birth, how it changes because of the influences of sin and how His Song never gives up on us. He gives us a new name with a new song which we will sing with Him forever…Our True Song.

  134. Paul Baloche can write some amazing worship songs. It would be awesome to be part of that process.

  135. Andrew Finden says:

    I'd ask him to help me write a song for our international group.

  136. Dave Swenson says:

    I would write a song based on the text of a well known Psalm.

  137. Allie Lapointe says:

    I would write a song with Paul Baloche about the Kingship of Jesus, His victory over sin and death! Would love this opportunity!

  138. Brian Wells says:

    I would desire to tackle the infinite nature of God with Paul Baloche followed by our response to the majesty and glory we fix our eyes on.

  139. Jm Aldana says:

    I'll write about God's Grace and Love!

  140. Dexter Quito says:

    What would I write a song about with Paul? Maybe I would write a song about how God is our comfort, encouragement and hope. A song that will give voice to the cry of the hearts of people.

  141. Ericnmel Dannefer says:

    God with us//the Holy One stained//became sin//to bring us back again//Everlasting King//to You alone we sing//and bring this offering//we are Yours.

  142. Doug Meekins says:

    Unity for the Church.

  143. I'd like to write something relating to baptism.

  144. Joey Hizon says:


  145. I would write with Paul Baloche about being a light to those who live in darkness, shining brightly so as to attract them to the truth without cutting their heads off with religiousness, rules, regulations, judgmentalism, etc. Live the truth with peace, love, hope, and joy!!!

  146. Phil Brown says:

    I would write a song with Paul from the perspective of God speaking to one of His children going through hard and dark times – reminding him/her that He is present, that He has him/her in His hands and will never let go or abandon him/her, that He loves him/her, and asking him/her to just trust Him and have faith that He knows what He's doing and to remember that everything He does is out of love and for his/her good!

  147. I would write a song with Mr. Baloche about someone who has fallen and is repented and is begging God for forgiveness and wants to walk in holiness! // Either that, or just a song thanking God for all the goodness He is and does and gives to us as His children! Being grateful for the sun, for a wife, for our children, for a spiritual family, for salvation, for the Holy Spirit, etc.

  148. Ian Aman says:

    I would love to write a song titled "The Evidence"……declaring the truth that Jesus Exists.

  149. Matt Carter says:

    If I had the chance to sit down with Paul Baloche and write, I'd first want to have a conversation about what's going on in our churches and perhaps focus on an attribute or work of God that addresses some of the reoccurring issues. My gut instinct though would be to write a song about LIFE CHANGE… perhaps something about how God changes our story and makes us a part of His. A song that brings praise and thanksgiving to God in recognition of his amazing work to bring 180 degree changes in people's lives.

  150. A Song of heaven!

  151. Tanor Joy says:

    I'd write a song about God's obsessive love for us and how we pray for the same type of obsession over Him.

  152. Jerry Holman says:

    I think I would write a song concerning God's faithfulness at all times.

  153. I'd like to win, but the person God has in mind will be picked. Blessings to whom ever that may be!

  154. I have a song God led me to write many years ago about the power and transcendence of Him and yet the intimacy and closeness of Him as well. This boggles my mind. It would be truly amazing to sit down with such a skilled musician and writer and see what we could do with it.

  155. Ryan Day says:

    I think there's a need for more "benediction" type songs in the church – i.e. songs that would fit well at the end of a worship service to send people out to follow and worship Jesus throughout the week. Songs that remind people that worship doesn't finish when the service ends, but that challenge us to go, live and make disciples. Alternatively, I would love to see more kingdom-centric songs in the church that focus on the glorious hope we have of renewal and restoration through Christ's return!

  156. Keith Van Goor says:

    My pastor has been encouraging me to set to music the words of the Apostle's Creed, Lord's Prayer, Create In Me, and other ancient texts of our faith. It would be an honor to sit with Paul and explore those themes together.

  157. Beth Day says:


  158. Carla Miles says:

    I would first ask Paul to pray with me and then we would write what our precious Jesus laid on our hearts.

  159. I would like to write about our need to be dependent on God for and in all things.

  160. I would write a song about whatever the Spirit led us to write!!

  161. I would write a song about the majesty of God shown through creation.

  162. I would write a song about the majesty of God shown through creation.

  163. I would write a song about the majesty of God shown through creation.

  164. Trish Torline says:

    I would write about the "action" of worship. Why we sing, lift up our hands, praise, kneel, pray, live…

  165. Mark Taylor says:

    I'd write a song about thanks. I love that God's word reminds us to give thanks in EVERYTHING, but I'm always amazed at how few worship songs there are about thanks. There are a handful, but I'd love to contribute another….especially with so much to be thankful for.

    • Becky Russell says:

      Then do it Mark! You are a fabulous songwriter and goodness knows the world needs more thankfulness!!

  166. Jon Moser says:

    I would write a song with Paul about how Hope is Alive in our world today because of Jesus.

  167. Paula Lumley says:

    I WOULD WRITE A SONG ABOUT GRACE and much to my disbelief HIS GRACE also is for me too!

  168. Jamarl Aston Billy says:

    Praise be to God! My song would be about how a new generation is rising up, building on the scripture "the later glory of this house shall be greater than the former" – Haggai 2:9. I'd want to inspire the next generation in a sort of battle cry to rise up and take back the land and territory that has been promised to us in the scripture. We refuse to settle for what this world has to offer and strive for the excellence of God! No more mediocrity in the name of Jesus!

  169. Yolanda Rowe says:

    I have songs that I have written and am saving for such a time as this.

    • Patricia Forrant Hale says:

      Go for it Yolanda Rowe You and Matthew Jones should both enter some of your songs that you have each written. Take a step of faith Yolanda Rowe.

  170. I would write a song about living as the dwelling place of God.

  171. Two themes come to my spirit… Healing and Family!

  172. Nancy Symens says:

    I would write a song with Paul Baloche about God's Amazing Grace that not only saves us, but empowers us to live victoriously and that all glory and honor and praise is HIS.

  173. Marcus Fuller says:

    If I could write a song with Paul Baloche, I would want it to be about living water because that concept in Scripture has always intrigued me.

  174. Joe Bava says:

    Amen my brother. Exactly the way God works in my life and writing. When ever I try to do it on my own I mess it up but when God moves through me His glory is revealed.
    <>< JB

  175. New wave of glory…
    Braking of a new dawn…

  176. James Bush Jr says:

    Title: "Love Is A Miracle" Paul: help me write this! The fact that we're here is a miracle!

  177. Nick Larson says:

    I'd write a song with Paul Baloche about gratitude/thankfulness. As a worship leader, I've looked around and there are simply not enough songs about gratitude — which is unfortunate because we're supposed to come before God with that mindset (Psalm 100:4, also 1 Thess 5:18). What a great opportunity this is! God bless Paul's ministry — it's touched me tremendously.

  178. Given this opportunity, I would probably lean towards writing a song that speaks of and praises God for His ability to orchestrate everything around us (relationships, events, etc.) for a purpose…to bring Glory to Him. Every trial we face is an opportunity to Glorify God because He is continually working for the good of those who love Him.

  179. I would write about the gospel in a fresh way that keeps the timeless message of the word fresh in our hearts

  180. This would be a great opportunity!

  181. Elisha Wisener says:

    I would write about the steadfast love of Jesus and the beauty of dwelling in His presence.

  182. Josh Cremer says:

    I would write with Paul about pure uninhibited worship. It's the sweetest sound to God's ears.

  183. Shalane Wellard says:

    Love how when God is doing something new and fresh, he announces it with new sounds in worship! Let's write a song about Holy Spirit! Mentorship with Paul Baloche! Oh yeah!

  184. I would love to help create songs that lifts up our Lord, using scripture, and shows us how to hold on to faith, even through our struggles.

  185. Anna Mason says:

    Would write a prayer to see God again "Through a Child's Eyes," A call for God to renew my faith in such a way that I'll feel like a kid again, able to relate to Him as His child, not as a grown adult who has made my relationship with Him all complicated & contrived. Have V, Ch, V, Ch, Bridge. Need musical help tweaking/shaping/reharmonization of chords.

  186. I would love to write a song with Paul Baloche about 2 Peter 3:8; the fact that our God is somehow outside of time. I love to meditate on the fact that in a sense, Jesus could have been resurrected yesterday, and could be returning tomorrow!

  187. Becky Vaughn says:

    I would write something called "Simple Song" just to say that in the end, it is just a simple "I love You" that matters.

  188. Anonymous says:

    I would love to write a song about a life of intimacy through prayer. The desire/struggle to hear God's voice and see his face in our daily lives knowing that our flesh is constantly fighting to pull us back into the world…

  189. Tim Romero says:

    I would write a song about how infinite He is and insignificant we are and yet how significant He thinks we are. We are God's diamonds in the rough perfected in Christ.

  190. Never wrote a song before, but one year at SoulFest these chorus lyrics came to me "This time I'm going to stand up for the truth." WOuld love to build around that theme — satisfied surrender.

  191. Brandon Baldwin says:

    I would write a song based on Philippians 3:7-14 and the Christians primary aim and "chase" in life to know Jesus.

    • Brandon Baldwin says:

      Every generation needs a song that reminds them of this aim. Through every season, every shaking, every change- "knowing Christ" must be the focus of our hearts.

  192. Deb Weinstein Ferguson says:

    The living & active, healing word of God! Standing in faith that God can & will do what he said he would do, no matter what things may look like in the natural!

  193. Eric Jaqua says:

    Great opportunity!

  194. I just want to write about God and His magnificent love

  195. Brandon Adkins says:

    I'd write a song about the blessing that's already ours in Christ and how reverent praise is the only appropriate response. Contrasting how we usually pray (bless me) with how we ought to pray (let me bless you).

  196. Miche Elaine says:

    I would write about how awesome our god is.

  197. Staci Norling Rhodabarger says:

    My daughter is the one entering to win this and she is only 14 and a really good songwriter. She wrote a song about reaching to Jesus through the hard times, and giving Him praise. I hope she wins, she is really good! Her name is Summer Clark.

    • Staci Norling Rhodabarger says:

      I have to add that she has been writing songs since she was 8 or 9 years old and I am amazed by her songs everytime she writes one.

  198. Kent Kessler says:

    I would write about children and their love for God and how God uses that to tell others about Him. Wait…that song may have already been written… but I'd want to write another one just as good as that one #jesuslovesthelittle children.

  199. David Gillaspey says:

    Songwriters are encouraged to Tweet about the contest, because, "You'll earn one entry for each person who clicks on the unique link in your Tweet." That appears to violate the contest rules, which explicitly limit entries to one per person. So do so at your own risk.

  200. I just want to write a song about the majesty of the one with no beginning or end-the self existent God!

  201. Troy Petry says:

    I would write a song about the truth of Jesus' resurrection, and the promise of ours – both from 1 Corinthians 15.

  202. Jaclyn Tobin says:

    I would write a song about adorning our Armor with the Lord. So many times out of the day we are bombarded with trials and tests from worldly situations. Fortunately, the Lord is with us through it all. He's guiding us, providing for us, and teaching us the Constant Love that never fades no matter how tough life gets.

  203. Sydney Brown says:

    I think the most amazing thing I've found in my walk with the Lord is His incredible ability to work within people who surrender to be emptied out and chiseled down. The process of change isn't quick or easy or painless, and it's a daily battle of laying ourselves down over and over and over again, but when we surrender to His skillful hand, we are made new. So I think that's what I would write a song about.

  204. My song is called Holy Jesus, Holy Savior, and it is about how Jesus saved a sinner like me, and that even though my enemies curse and scoff at me, I know that He has saved my soul!

  205. Tim Holman says:

    Someone please write a song on humility. There's so much verbal imagery in Revelation about the Lamb who is victorious even though slain. The humble Lamb wins. Serving, selfless Jesus… wins.

  206. Melanie Siewert says:

    What would I write a song about with Paul Baloche? ANYTHING! It would be an honor and privilege to get to write with such a gifted songwriter. What an amazing opportunity. Thanks for the recommend, @susanlspencer!

  207. Jose Daniel Garcia says:

    Me gustaría grabar con Paul Beloche acerca de que nada nos podrá separar del Amor de DIos, creo que la iglesia hoy en día esta experimentando una época dificil debido a que la maldad se estáincrementando, pero como dice en Isaías 60 la gloria de de Dios brillará en nosotros. El amor de DIos es lo que nos vence, y no descansa hasta tener nuestro corazón.

  208. Diane Luna says:

    Something out of John 17 maybe…

  209. Iva Turrentine says:

    I would gladly proclaim through song, the love Christ has for all mankind.

  210. Megan Leen says:

    What a wonderful opportunity!The Lord will exalt the humble.May His hand be on the outcome of this sweepstake.

  211. William Banda says:

    I would love to write a song with PAUL on JESUS the only name which SAVES and no other.

  212. Dana Taylor says:

    I would write a song that could reach into people's hearts and open them up to the powerful love of God.

  213. Garrett Lowe says:

    I would have to see where the creative juices take us, but as of right now I'd like to write a song about His grace and patience.

  214. the energy of God.

  215. Daniel Costa says:

    Id write a song about the best Love of all. The love that saved me from a very dark place and guides me every day. Christ!

  216. If I won the song writing session with Paul Baloche, I would like to write an inspiring, upbeat setting for Sanctus for Holy Communion.

  217. If I won the song writing session with Paul Baloche, I would like to write an inspiring, upbeat setting for Sanctus for Holy Communion.

  218. Most of the Psalms are laments, but very few of our worship songs are laments. I think there's a need for worship songs that respond to the ache people bring with them to church….so, I would want to write a lament.

  219. Zack Ryer says:

    I would love to write a song that shows how much I love Him and thank Him for getting me though the bad times.

  220. Proclaim (the sermon/music presentation software from Logos) is offering people an opportunity to write a song with Paul Baloche! Check out or for more details.

  221. Grace

  222. I would write a song about salvation.

  223. I'd record my Bible Survey rhymes.

  224. I have a few songs I wrote that I would love to hear recorded professionally.

  225. Jackie Rice says:

    I absolutely love Mr. Baloche's music. It takes me directly into a place of worship. I have a couple of songs in my mind that need to be explored. This is an excellent opportunity to give it a try.

  226. Joanna Jones says:

    Letting God help everyday people see whats going on around them or praising Him.

  227. I would want to focus directly upon God, His attributes, and His worthiness rather than another song about what I stand to gain. He has blessed us with so many things, but in worship He is our focus.

  228. Petri Nauha says:

    I would simply open the Bible with him and sing, finding out what God would have us write together. Paul is an incredible writer and a great guy, and this would be really cool!

  229. I would write a song about Israel and the Jewish people or a Messianic Style Worship Song!

  230. Jarrod Herald says:

    If I received the opportunity to write with Paul Baloche I'd suggest we write a high anthem praise song regarding His greatness, power and might. That God is victorious and has crushed and defeated the enemy.

  231. Kenneth Griffey says:

    I would write a song asking God to help us love Him.

  232. Teresa Braam says:

    I would love to write a song with Paul Baloche about being the hands and feet of God to a lost, hurting world.
    Based on Isaiah 1:17 Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.

  233. I think the church needs songwriters who are committed to the local church. The church ought never to be a platform for those who "can't make it elsewhere" but it should be a place where those who are called and willing give of their best talents and gifts for the sake of Christ's Kingdom. We need songs that celebrate the greatness and "otherness" of God; the condescending incarnation of the Son; the life, death, and resurrection of our Savior; and the hope and guarantee of forgiveness of sins and an eternal inheritance. All of these elements must be present in our gathered worship services as well as our songwriting. So, I would enjoy collaborating with Paul to see where his own heart and desires have been lately and then bring some of my own recent sketches and melodies to the table. I'm not always sure a tight "road map" is possible in collaboration. One has to see where the Lord has been working in each others' hearts and then combine those elements together. That's certainly where the great collaboration of Stuart Townend and Keith Getty began. And where would we be today without "In Christ Alone"? Thanks for your consideration!

  234. Dawn Vesco says:

    For me it's a huge leap of faith because I have been overcoming crippling condemnation and fear ; His Manifest Presence equips all of us, so in this new thing NOTHING will interfere with His Praise & Worship Thanks Paul for the songs that keep me connected with ith His Truth I want to do the same

  235. I would write a song about renewing the mind.

  236. Ben Chilcote says:

    Miss the deadline? Come on over to and join the club.

  237. Hey songwriters – want some more opportunities to write and share your songs? Come on over to the WCS Songwriting Club at or find out more at


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