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Artist to watch: A New Liturgy

Artist to watch: A New Liturgy

While most worship artists make music for church or the radio, Aaron Niequist has led A New Liturgy down a different path: 25-minute albums that combine Scripture readings, prayer, and music to create a “sonic sanctuary” for the listener.

Formed from the worship teams at Willow Creek Church, A New Liturgy blends a group of seasoned worship leaders, students, and professional musicians with orchestra-like collaboration.

Their latest offering, No. 5: Here are My Hands, is written for your commute in two parts—one for the way to work and one for the trip home. Part 1 swells gradually from the quiet of dawn to the bustle of rush hour through themes of consecration and anticipation. Part 2 settles from gratitude into reflective confession.

This creative approach breaks the mold for worship albums. Still, the album contains several great originals that could be adapted for use as church music. Knowing this, A New Liturgy offers a free download of lyrics and sheet music.

Enjoy A New Liturgy’s No. 5 on your commute, and tell us what you think in comments.



  1. Michael Vowell says:

    Not really my taste in music.

  2. Chris Fox says:

    What an interestingly creative approach!

  3. eh…

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