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Save yourself some labor with Proclaim’s new theme

Save yourself some labor with Proclaim's new theme


Labor Day is next week. While it doesn’t demand the same level of attention given to some of the more traditionally religious holidays, you can give it a nod with our brand-new Labor Day artwork.

Tastefully patriotic, this theme includes introduction slides, lyric slides, ready-made announcement slides, and slides designed for sermon notes. Like all of Proclaim’s art, it looks great both full- and wide-screen.

ProclaimLaborDay (2) ProclaimLaborDay (3)

When you sign up for a Proclaim On Air license, you get 24/7 access to the entire collection of Proclaim themes. We’re constantly adding to Proclaim’s artwork library, so your investment in exceptional church presentations becomes more valuable over time. Download Proclaim for free today, and take it for a spin.

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