Free Bible Verse Art for Presentations


In this Proclaim Monday Minute, we show you how to easily improve your presentations with the free Bible verse art and animations available in Proclaim. Don’t miss this chance to learn about the free Bible art you already have at your fingertips. * * * Try Proclaim for Free Proclaim provides your team with the tools […]

Time-Saving Slide Formatting Tip


Last week’s Monday Minute covered inviting people to collaborate in Proclaim. This week we share a quick way to revert slides to Smart Media formatting. Learn how to quickly reset slide styling: Bonus: Learn how to save and apply custom styles to your slides. * * * Try Proclaim for Free Proclaim provides your team […]

Inviting People to Collaborate


Last week we demonstrated the new video preview feature. This week we want to show you how to easily invite others to collaborate with you on the next service. Proclaim saves you time by allowing you to focus on your part of the service while keeping you connected to your entire team. Learn how to invite […]

Free Christmas Church Slides and Welcome Video


December is finally here and we’re giving away more free Christmas media! Sign up and get a snowy welcome video, a Christmas Eve announcement slide, a spectacular Merry Christmas graphic, and blank Merry Christmas slide to use in your Christmas service. Get this month’s free Christmas media today! Get free Christmas media in your inbox!

Previewing Motion Backgrounds and Videos in the Media Browser


Last week we discussed showing scripture on the fly using the On-Screen Bible Quickscreen. This week we demonstrate video preview in the Media Browser. You can now preview motions, countdowns, and other video items before adding them to your presentation! Learn how to preview video items in the Proclaim Media Browser: * * * Try Proclaim […]

Showing Scripture on the Fly


Last week we showed you how to test your audio level by recording a sample. In this week’s Monday Minute we’ll show you how to quickly bring up Bible verses on the fly. With the On-Screen Bible Quickscreen, last minute Bible slides look great and are up on the screen in seconds. Learn how to […]

Monday Minute: Test Recording


Last week we showed you how to quickly edit your sermon recordings right in Proclaim. In this week’s Monday Minute we show you how to test your audio level by recording a sample and playing it back before going On Air. This will help you set optimal input levels and ensure the published audio is […]

Monday Minute: Editing Sermon Recordings


Last week we showed you how easy it is to share your sermons on iTunes. This week, we demonstrates the new trim and zoom tools for editing your sermon recordings. We had a lot of great feedback on the new recording feature and are happy to share these new improvements. Learn how to use the […]