Inspire Your Church: God So Loved the World


We’ve made a number of uplifting Bible-text animation videos, making the Word come to life with memorable art. Take advantage of your free download of Proclaim, and a collection of videos will be yours to share with your church during presentation. Our newest John 3:16 animation—featured on and free with the Proclaim download—may be […]

New Music: No Other Name, Hillsong Worship

No Other Name, Hillsong

This week, Hillsong Worship released their highly anticipated album, No Other Name. The band releases one worship album annually, and this year’s release is filled with 11 original songs. Here’s what Hillsong Worship says about No Other Name: More than just songs, our prayer is that the album would give voice to individuals and churches […]

3 Tips for Better Church Stage Design


Gone are the days when changing the church stage design meant bringing in Easter lilies in April and a musty, oversized fake Christmas tree in December. Now churches are designing elaborate stage environments, sometimes designing them to coincide with a sermon series, resetting the stage every month or so. While others are designing less themed, […]

New Music: Danny Gokey


It’s Wednesday, and that means we have new music to share with you! Each week, we’ll be recommending refreshing, authentic music for worship leaders and the church in general. This week, we’re looking at Danny Gokey’s new album, Hope in front of Me. Much of the world discovered Danny Gokey in season 8 of American […]

3 Tips from Worship Leaders across the Country


Recently, I attended All about Worship, a worship conference in Kansas City. During my time there, I spoke with some phenomenal songwriters and worship leaders. Traveling to similar conferences all across the country gives me the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of worship leaders and learn from the wisdom God has given them. One of the best […]

7 Tips for Leading Worship in Small Groups


Today’s guest post is by Rick Muchow, Saddleback Church’s founding worship pastor. Muchow served with Pastor Rick Warren for 25 years, and he has helped train over 150,000 church leaders. Muchow continues to equip and encourage local church worship teams, pastors, and worship leaders around the world. Over the years, I have led worship for […]

4 Keys to Copyright Compliance


Today’s guest post is by Susan Fontaine Godwin, founder and president of Christian Copyright Solutions—a leading authority on church-music copyrights. She is frequently featured in Christian magazines, where she equips teams and churches to honor copyright law and use the best materials available for their worship. When I visit churches and teach about copyright issues, pastors […]

Luther and Calvin on Worship


Hundreds of years ago, Martin Luther and John Calvin radically altered Christianity and laid the foundation for Protestantism. Their profound wisdom continues to resonate with Christians today. Check out these quotes, and let their words reach across the centuries to challenge and inspire your faith and your worship: “Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest […]