Proclaim 101: Setting Up Shop


You’ve created your account. You have your group going. CCLI SongSelect and Planning Center Online are connected. Now it’s time to set up shop and make Proclaim your own. Proclaim’s powerful memory helps you get your slides right—every time. Setting up shop takes a lot less work, because you don’t have to tell Proclaim what […]

Free Music from Essential Worship

essential worship

Essential Worship is a new community-centered resource for worship teams. is full of new songs, tutorials, set lists, charts, and other vital tools for worship leaders—but it’s more than just tools. Essential Worship states: “We believe that true worship—the messy, vibrant, life-changing kind—is always the result of relationship. That’s why [Essential Worship is] an […]

Proclaim Charts: Top 10 Worship Songs for Easter 2014


Each week, we publish the top 10 most-played songs from weekend services around the world, and point out any tracks rising fast on the charts. This weekend, churches amped up their worship for Good Friday and Easter. Good Friday 2014 “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” “The Wonderful Cross” “When I Survey the Wondrous […]

Help Us Help You: Review the Remote App


Proclaim Church Presentation Software is all about making your professional presentations easier.  We want your presentations to look great and communicate clearly.  The Proclaim Remote app gives you the freedom to control your presentation from anywhere—even on stage. In February, we gave you an in-depth look at the remote app. The app turns your iPhone, […]

7 Popular Commentaries on the Psalms


Perhaps more than any other part of the Bible, the Psalms cut to the heart of human emotion, presenting raw cries of humanity as we interact with God. When joyful, the psalmists break forth in praise of Yahweh. When in anguish, they cry for vindication, never hesitating to express their doubts, fears, and frustrations—but always […]

On-Screen Bible: Now on Quick Screen


When you subscribe to Proclaim, you don’t have to wait for the “new version” or buy additional software. When we create new features, you get them for free. In December, we announced the On-Screen Bible–a new tool that draws attention to your Scripture references with subtle animations and sends app Signals. Now we’ve added the […]