The Proclaim blog has landed


Proclaim is the first—the only—cloud-based church presentation software. We started making waves during Proclaim’s beta release last October. We launched to the world in January, and it’s been full-steam-ahead since then. Proclaim keeps getting better. It keeps making Sundays simpler. And churches keep loving it.

Now we’re rolling out the new Proclaim blog. When new features, special promotions, partner connections, app content, Proclaim tips and hints, or any other cool things come along, you’ll hear about it here.

New to Proclaim?

Here’s Proclaim in a nutshell.

  • It’s the only cloud-based church presentation software—your whole team can build sharp-looking presentations throughout the week from any Mac or PC.
  • It’s the only presentation software that connects PowerPoint, Logos Bible Software, CCLI SongSelect, Graceway Media, and Planning Center to your presentation.
  • It’s the only presentation software that lets you send signals to mobile devices in the congregation—Bible verses, event invitations, or requests for donations.
  • It’s super simple—easy to learn and easy to use.

cloud-based church presentation software

So download Proclaim for free today. Sign in with your Logos account if you have one already, and start building a presentation. Once you’re ready to present, subscribe to an On Air license—they start at just $10 per month.

And remember to check the Proclaim blog for more news in the future.

Have any questions? Leave them below as a comment and we’ll respond.


  1. Matt says

    Hi Kevin,
    We are working on a confidence monitor feature in Proclaim. This should be available soon. I will let you know once the feature is in.

    • Matt says

      You can play a video by adding the “Video” service order item to your presentation and then selecting “FILE” to upload your own video. We take just about any format and then trans-code it. Or, if you just want to use a video from your local machine without uploading it to the the presentation, you can.

  2. Chris says

    I live in Brazil and CCLI is new and limited to use. Can I use and upload songs in Portuguese from pages on my Mac?

    • Matt says

      You sure can Chris. Proclaim can be used in any country and with any language. Simply copy your lyrics from Pages and paste them into the content field on a song slide and your are ready to go!

  3. Brad says

    Would love to be able to share message notes the same way we share bible verses and contact info during the service.

  4. Carol says

    We have no internet signal in our sanctuary. Will Proclaim still work for us as a presentation tool?

    • Matt says

      Thanks for the good question Carol. Yes, so long as the presenting computer is connected. You will need internet wired to the presenting computer to sync any presentations to the cloud, and also pull down any changes made from other computers. Once a presentation is open on your computer, it is fully cached on your machine and can be presented even if you lose internet connectivity. If it’s only WiFi that you don’t have in your sanctuary, then Proclaim Signals will still work. Those in your congregation can pick up Proclaim Signals using the data coverage on their phone.

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