Top 10 Most Popular Paul Baloche Songs

Paul Baloche

There’s no doubt that Paul Baloche has had a huge impact in Christian songwriting. On any given Sunday, you might be singing at least one of his songs.

Here are Paul Baloche’s top 10 songs available in Proclaim through CCLI SongSelect:

  1. “Open the Eyes of My Heart”
  2. “Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)”
  3. “Your Name”
  4. “Above All”
  5. “Offering”
  6. “Today Is the Day”
  7. “Our God Saves”
  8. “The Same Love”
  9. “Because of Your Love”
  10. “All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises”


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  1. Becky Boyland says

    How much God longs for us to have a deep and growing relationship with him, and how "proud" or pleased he is with his children.

  2. Joel Nathan Fancher says

    A song about missions and how it ties to worship… (Similar idea of Redman's "Send Us Out").

  3. Sarah Hopkins Blackwell says

    I would want to write something that completely turned the focus to God in all His glory. Something His congregation needs, to take the focus off of this world, and turn the faces back to Jesus!

  4. says

    The song would be about rising from the depths of our trials through surrendering all that we are and all that we have become…to be emptied from what this world has filled us with so that through this beautiful surrender, we find a pure voice to give Him praise and glory…and through this beautiful surrender, we are once again filled with what we are to be…to be who He has created us to be…to transform…to go out and share…to share with the world who we are because of who He is in and through us…to touch and change the world one soul at a time…

  5. Jeremy Tallacksen says

    We'd probably write a song about Jesus, or turning from sin, or something like that…

  6. Gerod Bass says

    I would write a song with Paul about what it means to truly experience the intimate love of Christ each day.

    • Jen Haugland says

      Gerod, I could see that! BTW I added Dwelling Place to my workout Mix and it is awesomely encouraging. I think it's my favorite now. Well… maybe tied with Kingdom Come. 😉

  7. says

    I would love to write a song with Mr. Baloche about letting God raise up vessels of worship out of his children. I have written a few worship songs and it really is so fulfilling to see the Lord minister to people through them. God has given me a desire and calling to serve Him as a worship leader, so getting this opportunity would mean so much.

  8. says

    I would FINALLY complete my song about adoption – and the connections we make by showing God and love to those who are adopted from countries where God is not commonly taught.

  9. Gwen Stemen Thielges says

    I would like to write a song with Paul about how having a personal relationship with Jesus is an every day thing…how He wants to be involved in every aspect; every part of our lives.

  10. Phil Laeger says

    I'd love the chance to sit and write with Paul. I've learned so much about worship songwriting from his ministry and teaching over the years.

  11. Jonathan Fortenberry says

    I would write a song about God's unfailing mercies. Knowing what I would do, who I would I be, and how many times I would let him down… Jesus still walked that hill, walked every step that I should have to.

  12. Lonnie Thoms says

    I believe the theme of the Kingdom of God dwelling in us… personalizing the thought of Jesus prayer sparked a thought of "His Kingdom come in me". (and even if I don't get to write this with Paul, this is sparking a song.)

  13. says

    Would be awesome to have a chance to write with Paul! I'd love to continue using scripture passages that are connected to teachings at church as the source material for new worship songs.

  14. says

    I would love to write a song that reflected the Relationship God longs to have with us and the idea that is what his purpose has been from the beginning from Genesis to Maps in the Bible it's God's purpose to have relationship with humanity, That he might show His love toward us and that we might reflect back His glory.

  15. Tim Wasson says

    I have a song I've been working on about spiritual warfare called "Victory Sounds" that I've been stuck on the bridge and perfecting a melody for a while. I'd love Paul's input on it.

  16. Kimberly Delcomyn Spicer says

    Sitting here listening to my children sing along to my demo while making Father's Day cards. And over the last couple of days singing my own songs to myself that I believe were written prophetically for a time such as this, a time when not just others, but I, really need to hear them. I have them pouring out of me. I just need God to connect me to the person(s) with the same heart to release them to His people. God has put a dream in my heart just for me. If I keep my eyes on Him, we can see it through. I shouldn't worry if it feels to big, it's not too big for Him. He's asking me to trust him, he's asking me to believe. So I can fly.

  17. Brian O'Dowd says

    I would like to write a song about igniting passion in our hearts and spirits to go out and be movers and shakers for our God within our nation and beyond.

  18. says

    I would like to write a song with Paul Baloche about the incredible love of God, how unique it is and how it empowers us to love others and live a godly love of love. How Love Changes Everything.

  19. Elizabeth Hill Rhyno says

    I'd like to write a song with Paul for communion about the intimacy, joy and sustenance found in the fragrance and taste of the bread and the cup.

  20. Beth Day says

    I don't care WHAT its about! It's Paul Baloche! PLUS, he's a huge Beatles fan! Beatle harmonies with Paul! Holy smokes!

  21. says

    Honestly, I'm not sure what the them of the song would be. I think that many worship songs could have so much more to them. I would actually love to write a type of hymn with Paul Baloche. I would love to create something different.

  22. Dierra Dawn Blankenship says

    I would LOVE to write a song about the joy of the Lord. It's so easy to be overwhelmed by life and circumstance, and sometimes we just need to remember to praise Him and let His joy fill us: His joy is our strength.

  23. Elijah E Ehoche says

    I would like to do a song with Paul on God’s unknowable devine nature of love,judgement,eternal mercies,faithfulness,etc

  24. says

    hi sir paul, im from the phils and we use your songs in our praise and worship. your songs are like personal message from God that penetrates the heart of our church. God bless you and your heart for worshipping our God.

  25. says

    Thank you for letting God used you in creating worship songs, What an amazing gifts! I thank the Lord for letting me find you. Lately I've been into struggling of looking an artist who is sensitive and aware of not patronizing hand gestures that promotes secret society. I found none aside from you. Most of my line up songs now were all you're line up. That is my conviction. THank you so much Bro Paul

  26. Ocen Andy Manday says

    God is everything to me,He owns our life.Always remeber that Jesus paid it all,only what you need is to believed in him and give you life to Jesus before you die.The Angels of heavn always they are rejoicing over one sinner who repent


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