Becoming a Proclaim ninja: build a songs archive


Here’s how you can save time by archiving your church’s favorite songs in a presentation titled “My Songs.”

(1) Create a presentation with all your favorite songs. Set the background, design, and order exactly how you want them so that when they come up in your order of service (which they inevitably will), you won’t have to spend time formatting them.


And (2), anytime you want to pull up a favorite song, select “add item” and type the name of the song in the search box:


This is especially helpful if your church uses a lot of medleys or likes to build momentum through a regular sequence of songs: “Foreverandever” / “Mighty to Save” / “Inside Out,” for example.

With Proclaim, you can spend less time wrestling with slide formats and more time doing what your love. Download Proclaim today and try it out for yourself!


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