Proclaim Charts: top 10 worship songs on Jan. 12

  1. “10,000 Reason (Bless the Lord)”
  2. “How Great Is Our God”
  3. “Mighty To Save”
  4. “Our God”
  5. “Revelation Song”
  6. “Blessed Be Your Name”
  7. “In Christ Alone”
  8. “Here I Am To Worship”
  9. “Lord, I Need You”
  10. “Forever Reign”

Matt Maher’s rendition of “Lord, I Need You” put the classic song back in the top 10, where it rests this week alongside other timeless tracks like “In Christ Alone.” Tim Hughes’ “At Your Name” jumped to #51, up nearly 200 spots this week. Will this song continue to rise? Check back next week to find out.

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