How to Use Pads in Proclaim

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Pads provide subtle background music for your service. They’re the perfect supplement to your worship, prayer, sermons, and other elements of your service—and they’re pretty affordable.

One worship leader said:

“It feels like we have just added an amazing new band member . . .”

In Proclaim Church Presentation Software, you can add these “amazing new band members” to individual songs or throughout your entire service.

To add a pad to an individual song, click the speaker icon next to the song in your Order of Service on the left side of Proclaim. If you’ve never added this pad in Proclaim before, you’ll need to select “import” and choose the file (Proclaim will remember it for next time). Otherwise, select “browse audio” and find the audio track you’d like to use.

A pop-up will appear on the left, listing all of the audio tracks you’ve assigned to the song. At the bottom of this pop up, you can choose to repeat the audio track until the end of the song, the end of the service section, or the end of the playlist (meaning the pad will only play through one time).

Here’s the whole process (click to enlarge):

pads in proclaim

To add a pad to your entire service (or to the section of your presentation that comes before or after the service), the process is pretty similar. Choose the first service item you want to add the audio track to, and click the speaker icon. When you select the audio you want to use and the pop-up appears, select “end of section” to make the audio loop for that entire section of slides.

This works great if you want the audio to play through your worship section and continue into announcements, and you can disable it for particular sections (for when you don’t want the audio to continue through the sermon).

Here’s how it works (click to enlarge):

pads for worship


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  1. Angie says

    I would really love to use pads this way in our service but it would be really nice if you guys could make them cross-fade and/or fade out. When it ends, it’s really abrupt. Cross-fading and fading even for 2-3 seconds would make it sound smoother! Thank you for considering this. 🙂

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