5 Things Your Song History Says about Your Worship Service

worship music set

Facilitating corporate worship is a big responsibility. Everything you do, every choice you make, is intended to lead your congregation to worship their creator more fully. Some churches play the same songs frequently to make it easier for people to follow along. Others play a wide variety of songs and styles to empower the congregation […]

How Churches Use Live Surveys During the Service

Live survey

When you can’t even get your congregation to say, “Good morning,” it might be hard to imagine those same blank faces giving you personal answers to questions that matter during the service. But thanks to smartphones, that’s exactly what’s happening in some churches. Imagine starting a sermon series with an important theological question—one that gets […]

Motion Graphics: The Chocolate Sauce of Modern Church Services

motion graphics

“The same way a campfire draws us into conversation and deep thought, on a basic level, abstract animation captures our attention,” says Fred Sprinkle, Faithlife’s motion graphics team lead. But using animation well isn’t as simple as choosing to use them or not. According to Fred, achieving the right effect is all about timing. “You […]

Why Church Design Is a Team Effort—Not Just One Person’s Job

graphic designer

Christine Christophersen used to be a graphic designer for a megachurch in Omaha, Nebraska. Now, she’s our Pro Media art director, and she equips churches with relevant, high-quality church media. Having worked with a large team of church staff and volunteers for three and a half years, Christine has a lot of insight into how each component […]

You Have a Booger: 19 Times a Confidence Monitor Hilariously Saved the Day


When you’re onstage, you don’t see what the audience sees. It’s all bright lights and (hopefully) smiling faces. That’s why it helps to have someone in the sound booth who can discreetly tell you when your mic is off, or remind you about that important announcement you almost forgot to make. Proclaim now lets you […]

The Best Way for Your Congregation to Follow Your Service

using phones in church

Faithlife’s online church bulletins provide you with a convenient way for your congregation to follow your service. For those in your church who are always skeptical of downloading new apps or guard their email addresses with their lives, this is the simplest way to keep up with the sermon on your phone. Everything you can […]

3 Reasons Pastors Love Proclaim

pastor using proclaim

Some pastors spend 30 hours or more preparing a single sermon. It takes time to prayerfully study Scripture, craft a relevant message, and prepare to share that message with your congregation. That time is important. Pastors should spend time carefully preparing to share the gospel. But there’s more to a church service than a message, […]

Proclaim Is Now Available in Spanish

Spanish Proclaim Header

We’re excited to announce that Proclaim is now available in our most requested language—Spanish! We take your feedback and requests seriously and work hard to improve the way we serve you. To start using Proclaim in Spanish: Make sure you’re running the most up-to-date version of Proclaim. You can find more information about updating here. […]

Proclaim Update: Custom Text Fields, Confidence Monitor, and Amen Button


The latest update of Proclaim brings new multi-line custom text fields, confidence monitor improvements, and a brand new Quick Screen. Customize slides the way you want Have you ever wanted to have more customization options for text fields? Proclaim Smart Media makes it easy to create slides fast, but sometimes you want more customization. With […]