Automatically Turn Your Worship Plan into Slides

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Planning a church service takes a lot of coordination, communication, and attention to a large number of details. And your church benefits when you’re able to focus on the core message of your service – not the details of planning it. That’s why Proclaim designs your slides, adds song lyrics to slides for you, builds your […]

Sermon Podcasting Made Easy (Really)

sermon podcast

If sermon podcasting sounds like an impossible task, there’s something you need to know: you probably already have everything you need to do it. You use the equipment every service. You don’t need extra software—assuming you’re using Proclaim Church Presentation Software (which you can try for free, so there’s no excuse). And it takes a […]

5 Things Your Song History Says about Your Worship Service

worship music set

Facilitating corporate worship is a big responsibility. Everything you do, every choice you make, is intended to lead your congregation to worship their creator more fully. Some churches play the same songs frequently to make it easier for people to follow along. Others play a wide variety of songs and styles to empower the congregation […]

How Churches Use Live Surveys During the Service

Live survey

When you can’t even get your congregation to say, “Good morning,” it might be hard to imagine those same blank faces giving you personal answers to questions that matter during the service. But thanks to smartphones, that’s exactly what’s happening in some churches. Imagine starting a sermon series with an important theological question—one that gets […]

Church Branding: What Your Mission Looks Like

Church branding

Defining your church’s brand is about helping people find their place in the body of Christ. It’s an expression of how the passions your people carry collide with the community you inhabit. It’s a physical reflection of the spiritual calling of your church. But sometimes it’s hard to tell what that actually looks like. If […]

How to Write Sermons for Church Visitors

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Anyone who has ever missed a week of school knows what it feels like to be a church visitor walking in on the end of a sermon series. They look around the room and wonder, “Does everyone else know what he’s talking about? Am I the only one who doesn’t get it?” Your church isn’t […]

Why Church Visitors Need Real Connections with Real People

real relationships

Your church is people, not a place. Your community is not defined by the buildings you gather within, or the spaces you inhabit. When people visit your church, every interaction they have with your members shapes how they feel about your church as a whole. And getting more connected to your church means building real […]

5 Ways to Make Your Christmas Visitors Feel Welcome at Church

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People don’t walk through the door of your church with a big tag that says “Visitor” on it. And hopefully, you aren’t handing those out when they get inside. Especially in a big church, it’s hard to tell newcomers from members. People have to self-select their visitor status in your bulletin, or show up at […]

Philosophy of Church Growth: Two Approaches to Church Visitors

Church visitors

Suppose, hypothetically, there are 1,000 people in your community that might be open to going to your church. And every weekend, 10 of them step through your door. You pull all the stops. You do whatever it takes to make those 10 people come back. You tell them about every conceivable way they could get […]

Beyond the Stage: A Holistic Approach to Church Design

church interior design

“I visited an Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle, and the design and silence of the room made me feel like I had to take my hat off to be there,” says Eleazar Ruiz, a senior designer at Faithlife. As the former art director at Mars Hill Church, Eleazar is sensitive to how physical elements of a […]