5 Things Your Song History Says about Your Worship Service

worship music set

Facilitating corporate worship is a big responsibility. Everything you do, every choice you make, is intended to lead your congregation to worship their creator more fully. Some churches play the same songs frequently to make it easier for people to follow along. Others play a wide variety of songs and styles to empower the congregation […]

Beyond the Stage: A Holistic Approach to Church Design

church interior design

“I visited an Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle, and the design and silence of the room made me feel like I had to take my hat off to be there,” says Eleazar Ruiz, a senior designer at Faithlife. As the former art director at Mars Hill Church, Eleazar is sensitive to how physical elements of a […]

Church Volunteer Recruitment: 13 Tips to Grow Your Volunteer Program

recruit volunteers

Right now, there are people in your church who want to volunteer, but aren’t involved yet. Some of them are waiting for the right opportunity—the role that perfectly aligns with their gifts. Others are literally just waiting to be asked. The challenge for your staff is finding the right times to ask, the right ways to ask, […]

12 Ways to Fight Church Volunteer Burnout

volunteer burnout

Sometimes volunteers are just going to quit, and there’s nothing you can do to change their minds. People move. They get new jobs or go through transitions that make volunteering more difficult or stressful. But sometimes people quit for completely preventable reasons. They’re worn out. They don’t feel like what they do really matters to […]

7 Church Volunteer Appreciation Ideas (and the Secret to Making People Feel Valued)

volunteer appreciation

I’ve been volunteering as a youth leader with Young Life for six years. Once or twice a year, one of our regular leader gatherings includes a time where volunteers are recognized for their years of service, and the community of people who support us generously provide a small gift of some kind. It’s something simple […]

4 Strategies for Training New Volunteers to Run Your Presentations

training new volunteers

Nobody likes to feel like they don’t know what they’re doing. Maybe more than that, nobody likes to look like they don’t know what they’re doing. If either of those scenarios is the reality for people who volunteer at your church, it might not just be a personal problem—it could be a training problem. When […]

5 Keys to Effective Sermon Slides (With Examples)


One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that a lot of churches let things slide (pun intended) when it comes to worship lyrics and sermon slides. And I understand why. Nearly 60% of all churches in the US have under 100 attendees and are operated by a pastor and a handful of volunteers. When […]

Proclaim Charts: Top 10 Worship Songs on November 15

Proclaim Top 10

Each week we publish the top 10 most-played songs from weekend services around the world and point out tracks that are rising fast on the charts. Check back every week to learn which worship tracks are hot right now. “How Great Is Our God” “10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)” “This Is Amazing Grace” “Holy Spirit” “Blessed Be […]

Best Hillsong Songs (Part 2)


Hillsong Church has released over 40 worship albums since the early 90s. Songs from these albums regularly feature in the top 25 songs sung worldwide recorded through the CCLI. I recently wrote a post about 5 of my favorite Hillsong songs, here are 5 more: Scandal of Grace: This song offers a different perspective on grace. […]

Best Hillsong Songs (Part 1)


Hillsong Church has been creating worship hits since the early 90’s. The church, which is estimated to have over 30,000 in attendance every week, has produced over 40 worship albums and continues to consistently release two to three new albums every year. There are many Hillsong hits to love, but below are my top 5: Oceans (Where […]