Philosophy of Church Growth: Two Approaches to Church Visitors

Church visitors

Suppose, hypothetically, there are 1,000 people in your community that might be open to going to your church. And every weekend, 10 of them step through your door. You pull all the stops. You do whatever it takes to make those 10 people come back. You tell them about every conceivable way they could get […]

Proclaim Church Presentation Software Review: Easy, Reliable, and Fast

Proclaim Church Presentation Software

“When it comes to A/V, you always have to have a fallback” says Reuben Evans, video director at Faithlife. Recently, Reuben had the privilege of showcasing the value of Proclaim’s built-in backup systems at a Desiring God conference—where he himself was a backup A/V tech. Before their conference near Portland, Oregon, Desiring God learned that their […]

Beyond the Stage: A Holistic Approach to Church Design

church interior design

“I visited an Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle, and the design and silence of the room made me feel like I had to take my hat off to be there,” says Eleazar Ruiz, a senior designer at Faithlife. As the former art director at Mars Hill Church, Eleazar is sensitive to how physical elements of a […]

How to Get Christmas Visitors to Come Back to Your Church

Christmas service

Your follow-up plan for visitors isn’t a biannual program you turn on before Christmas and Easter. Those are obviously the weekends you can expect the most newcomers, but your church should always be refining the journey from visitors to members. There are plenty of things you can do during the service to make people feel […]

Motion Graphics: The Chocolate Sauce of Modern Church Services

motion graphics

“The same way a campfire draws us into conversation and deep thought, on a basic level, abstract animation captures our attention,” says Fred Sprinkle, Faithlife’s motion graphics team lead. But using animation well isn’t as simple as choosing to use them or not. According to Fred, achieving the right effect is all about timing. “You […]

How to Get Two Free Months of Proclaim—Every Year

Proclaim Church Presentation Software

If you’re church has a monthly subscription to Proclaim Church Presentation Software, you could provide your church with the same software for less money. When you switch from a monthly subscription to an annual subscription, your church saves 16% or more every month. And that all adds up to two or more free months of […]

Why Church Design Is a Team Effort—Not Just One Person’s Job

graphic designer

Christine Christophersen used to be a graphic designer for a megachurch in Omaha, Nebraska. Now, she’s our Pro Media art director, and she equips churches with relevant, high-quality church media. Having worked with a large team of church staff and volunteers for three and a half years, Christine has a lot of insight into how each component […]

Thanksgiving Church Media: A Visual Feast for Your Whole Congregation

give thanks

Our designers have decided it’s about time we shared some of the famously beautiful colors of Fall with you! Here in Bellingham, the leaves are changing from vibrant green to deep red and fiery orange. Even if that’s not what you see outside your window, your church presentations can remind your church that God has […]

Why Good Theology Deserves Good Design

Sistine Chapel

“What you say and how you say it aren’t disconnected ideas,” says Micah Ellis, the design director at Faithlife. “They aren’t separable.” Communication is more than the words you choose. Tone, body language, context, and other factors affect what you ultimately communicate to your audience—and how well they connect with your message. It’s partly why people naturally gravitate towards […]