The Best Way for Your Congregation to Follow Your Service

using phones in church

Faithlife’s online church bulletins provide you with a convenient way for your congregation to follow your service. For those in your church who are always skeptical of downloading new apps or guard their email addresses with their lives, this is the simplest way to keep up with the sermon on your phone. Everything you can […]

3 Reasons Pastors Love Proclaim

pastor using proclaim

Some pastors spend 30 hours or more preparing a single sermon. It takes time to prayerfully study Scripture, craft a relevant message, and prepare to share that message with your congregation. That time is important. Pastors should spend time carefully preparing to share the gospel. But there’s more to a church service than a message, […]

Proclaim Is Now Available in Spanish

Spanish Proclaim Header

We’re excited to announce that Proclaim is now available in our most requested language—Spanish! We take your feedback and requests seriously and work hard to improve the way we serve you. To start using Proclaim in Spanish: Make sure you’re running the most up-to-date version of Proclaim. You can find more information about updating here. […]

12 Ways to Fight Church Volunteer Burnout

volunteer burnout

Sometimes volunteers are just going to quit, and there’s nothing you can do to change their minds. People move. They get new jobs or go through transitions that make volunteering more difficult or stressful. But sometimes people quit for completely preventable reasons. They’re worn out. They don’t feel like what they do really matters to […]

Proclaim Update: Custom Text Fields, Confidence Monitor, and Amen Button


The latest update of Proclaim brings new multi-line custom text fields, confidence monitor improvements, and a brand new Quick Screen. Customize slides the way you want Have you ever wanted to have more customization options for text fields? Proclaim Smart Media makes it easy to create slides fast, but sometimes you want more customization. With […]

7 Church Volunteer Appreciation Ideas (and the Secret to Making People Feel Valued)

volunteer appreciation

I’ve been volunteering as a youth leader with Young Life for six years. Once or twice a year, one of our regular leader gatherings includes a time where volunteers are recognized for their years of service, and the community of people who support us generously provide a small gift of some kind. It’s something simple […]

Free “Trust in the Lord” Sermon Graphics

Trust in the Lord Sermon Media Header

Every month we help your church visual look fresh. This month, get a title, welcome, and blank still from our “Trust in the Lord” sermon slide pack. Get your free media today!   Get free media now and in your inbox every month! P.S. Over the last few years, we’ve been working with some of the […]

4 Strategies for Training New Volunteers to Run Your Presentations

training new volunteers

Nobody likes to feel like they don’t know what they’re doing. Maybe more than that, nobody likes to look like they don’t know what they’re doing. If either of those scenarios is the reality for people who volunteer at your church, it might not just be a personal problem—it could be a training problem. When […]

How to Create Your Song Slides Faster

song lyrics

Imagine that you’re sitting down to put together your worship slides for the weekend. You’ve got the song list right in front of you with some notes from the worship director, but you’ve been dreading the moment when you have to start tediously copy-pasting lyrics—so you stall. You play around with your church media and […]

Why a Church Media Subscription Saves You Money

saving money

Buying individual pieces of church media lets you choose exactly what you want from the brands you love. But those purchases add up fast. If you recognize the value of using quality media to visually communicate the gospel, you still have to decide the wisest way to do that. Good media costs money because talented designers work hard […]