Free “Trust in the Lord” Sermon Graphics

Trust in the Lord Sermon Media Header

Every month we help your church visual look fresh. This month, get a title, welcome, and blank still from our “Trust in the Lord” sermon slide pack. Get your free media today!   Get free media now and in your inbox every month! P.S. Over the last few years, we’ve been working with some of the […]

4 Strategies for Training New Volunteers to Run Your Presentations

training new volunteers

Nobody likes to feel like they don’t know what they’re doing. Maybe more than that, nobody likes to look like they don’t know what they’re doing. If either of those scenarios is the reality for people who volunteer at your church, it might not just be a personal problem—it could be a training problem. When […]

How to Create Your Song Slides Faster

song lyrics

Imagine that you’re sitting down to put together your worship slides for the weekend. You’ve got the song list right in front of you with some notes from the worship director, but you’ve been dreading the moment when you have to start tediously copy-pasting lyrics—so you stall. You play around with your church media and […]

Why a Church Media Subscription Saves You Money

saving money

Buying individual pieces of church media lets you choose exactly what you want from the brands you love. But those purchases add up fast. If you recognize the value of using quality media to visually communicate the gospel, you still have to decide the wisest way to do that. Good media costs money because talented designers work hard […]

Proclaim Partner Media: Your Complete Church Media Solution

Proclaim Partner Media

Over the last several years, Proclaim has been working with some of the best church media brands in the business. We’ve experimented the best ways to provide you with the best media, and now, we have an announcement everyone needs to hear: Proclaim has teamed up with six of the best church media providers to […]

Free “Let Your Light Shine” Sermon Media Pack

Let Your Light Shine Freebie

This month we’re giving away one of our most popular media packs: ”Let Your Light Shine”. Over 1,500 churches used this media the first weekend it was released! Get your free media today!   P.S. Over the last few years, we’ve been working with some of the best church media brands in the business to bring you […]

Proclaim Update: Fill-in-the-Blank Text and the Proclaim Remote

fill in the blank

Want to emphasize text in Proclaim? You can change the text color. You can fade-in additional lines of text. And now, thanks to the latest update, you can add fill-in-the-blank text. Fill-in-the-blank text This new feature lets you hide a portion of text on a slide, leaving a blank space in its place (like this […]

Free Announcement Stills for Baptism, Youth Night, and Game Night

Free Church Event Stills

Imagine standing in front of your church, talking about an upcoming youth group event. Behind you is a slide a volunteer threw together in PowerPoint this morning. There’s nothing awesome about it. You work hard to plan and host meaningful, exciting events. Don’t let your slides undo the time you spent preparing. This month we’re […]