5 Ways to Make Your Christmas Visitors Feel Welcome at Church

christmas visitors welcome

People don’t walk through the door of your church with a big tag that says “Visitor” on it. And hopefully, you aren’t handing those out when they get inside. Especially in a big church, it’s hard to tell newcomers from members. People have to self-select their visitor status in your bulletin, or show up at […]

Philosophy of Church Growth: Two Approaches to Church Visitors

Church visitors

Suppose, hypothetically, there are 1,000 people in your community that might be open to going to your church. And every weekend, 10 of them step through your door. You pull all the stops. You do whatever it takes to make those 10 people come back. You tell them about every conceivable way they could get […]

How to Get Christmas Visitors to Come Back to Your Church

Christmas service

Your follow-up plan for visitors isn’t a biannual program you turn on before Christmas and Easter. Those are obviously the weekends you can expect the most newcomers, but your church should always be refining the journey from visitors to members. There are plenty of things you can do during the service to make people feel […]

Why People Return to Church


The US Congregational Life Survey shed some light on why people visit a new church, and why they return after their initial visit. Four questions from the survey stood out: How people find out about a church 49%: Someone invited them 23%: They passed by the church 9%: They’re looking for a specific denomination 6%: […]