Automatically Turn Your Worship Plan into Slides

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Planning a church service takes a lot of coordination, communication, and attention to a large number of details. And your church benefits when you’re able to focus on the core message of your service – not the details of planning it. That’s why Proclaim designs your slides, adds song lyrics to slides for you, builds your […]

Introducing Elvanto


We are excited to announce our integration with Elvanto—an elegant, all-in-one church management system. Worship planning, scheduling, finance tracking, and check-ins become a breeze and best of all, everything is stored in the cloud. Elvanto specializes in automating redundant tasks allowing your team to focus on more important aspects of ministry. With Elvanto, you can […]

New Music: Danny Gokey


It’s Wednesday, and that means we have new music to share with you! Each week, we’ll be recommending refreshing, authentic music for worship leaders and the church in general. This week, we’re looking at Danny Gokey’s new album, Hope in front of Me. Much of the world discovered Danny Gokey in season 8 of American […]

This Week in Proclaim: May 2


Subscribe to the Proclaim YouTube channel for a weekly update on the latest Proclaim news. This week, we’re preparing to release even more Smart Media—including exclusive Mother’s Day content—to keep your presentations looking sharp. On the blog, you’ll find a pretty rad contest where you can win a year of Proclaim. Round up your worship team, […]

Web Video Chefs Review Proclaim


Web Video Chefs Chip Dizárd and Amani Channel work tirelessly to answer questions about video production and creating professional videos. In February, Web Video Chefs did a review of Proclaim: In light of Dizárd’s review, check out all the video tutorials on our support page. If you’re interested in checking out what Dizárd calls, “one of the […]

This Week in Proclaim: April 25


Subscribe to the Proclaim YouTube channel for a weekly update on the latest Proclaim news. This week, we’ve added some awesome Pro Media videos to our YouTube channel. Check them out, and see what Pro Media can add to your services. Essential Worship is letting you download eight free worship tracks until Tuesday at 9:00 […]

Free Music from Essential Worship

essential worship

Essential Worship is a new community-centered resource for worship teams. is full of new songs, tutorials, set lists, charts, and other vital tools for worship leaders—but it’s more than just tools. Essential Worship states: “We believe that true worship—the messy, vibrant, life-changing kind—is always the result of relationship. That’s why [Essential Worship is] an […]

Proclaim Charts: top 10 worship songs on March 2

“How Great Is Our God” “10,000 Reason (Bless the Lord)” “Blessed Be Your Name” “Revelation Song” “Mighty to Save” “Our God” “Cornerstone” “Here I Am to Worship” “Forever Reign” “Nothing But the Blood” “How Great Is Our God” claims the top spot, but “10,000 Reasons” isn’t far behind. Hillsong’s “Cornerstone” arrives in the top 10 […]

Help us make Proclaim even better


Proclaim isn’t perfect. Neither is the team behind it, but we work every day to make the world’s best church presentation software even more useful. We have tons of ideas about the best ways to make that happen, but we want to hear what you think. UserVoice makes it easy to share your suggestions, upvote […]

New Feature: Print Slides


One of the most frequently requested new features on our UserVoice page is being able to print out your slide. Now, thanks to the latest Faithlife update, you can do that and more. Here’s how: Navigate to and open your presentation group. Click the Documents tab (A), and select the presentation you’d like to […]